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This family-owned business, established in 2008, has been providing top-quality plumbing and heating services to Alaskans for over a decade.

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About Us

Led by Brian, who has over 28 years of experience in the industry, the team at Boiler Man takes pride in their work and relies heavily on word-of-mouth referrals from satisfied customers. Whether you need a boiler, furnace, water heater, or well tank installation, or if you're undertaking a new construction project, remodel, or addition, Boiler Man is equipped to handle it all.

What sets Boiler Man apart from the competition? Their commitment to quality. Every job they undertake is approached with the utmost care and attention to detail, ensuring that your plumbing and heating needs are not only met but exceeded. It's this commitment to quality that has kept Boiler Man in business for over a decade and has earned them a loyal customer base in the community.


As Boiler Man prepares to celebrate their 15-year anniversary in 2023, they'd like to extend a heartfelt thank you to their loyal customers who have supported them along the way. If you're in need of plumbing and heating services, give Boiler Man a call or text at  907-745-2230, or check out their website or Facebook page to learn more.


We offer residential & commercial services.

  • New constructions, remodels, additions, tenant improvements - Residential and Commercial

    • Waste, water, and ventilation for domestic water systems

    • Installation or replacement of fixtures; tubs, toilets, showers, sinks, garbage disposals, faucets, washer boxes, icemaker boxes, well tanks, whole house filters, etc

    • Gas piping

    • HVAC; furnaces, exhaust fans, HRV’s/ ERV’s, range hoods, fresh air inlets, crawl space exhaust fans, large commercial/hanger exhaust fans, dryer vents, whole house humidifiers, etc

    • Boiler systems; new install or replacements

      • Hydronic in floor or baseboard heating systems, snow melt systems, hydronic unit heaters

    • Water heaters; new install or replacements

      • tank style, on demand style, and indirect water heater ran off of boiler heating system.

    • Other heating; gas fireplaces, wood stove chimneys, wall heaters, toyo stoves, and other types of heaters.

    • Drains; floor drains, shop trench drains, and oil water seperators.

    • Hose bibbs; residential size, commercial style with key, hot/cold hose bibbs interior and exterior

    • Water storage tanks, bladders, and sump pumps

    • FREE Estimates and project bids

  • SERVICE DEPARTMENT - Residential and most commercial applications

    • Heating maintenance, emergencies, and repairs

    • No heat or no hot water emergencies

    • Maintenance of heating systems, hot water heaters, unit heaters, HRV’s, air conditioners, and many more appliances.

    • Can service homes on natural gas, fuel oil, and propane

    • Plumbing service and repairs

    • FREE Estimates


Maintenance Plans



  • Heating Systems

  • Unit Heaters

  • Water Heaters


We will send our Technician to evaluate the system or systems of your choice. They will perform a thorough inspection and provide an itemized list of recommended and/or required repairs. 

During the inspection any necessary repairs will receive a 10% discount. A price quote will be provided before any work is performed. 

Single System inspection $80 

Multi-System Inspection $120 




  • Tune Up System

  • Routine Maintenance

  • Inspection


Call and schedule your routine yearly maintenance in the Spring or Summer (April 1st—July 31st).

Must have a system evaluation and suggested repairs must be completed within a year of the evaluation. 

To receive the 20% discount for your yearly maintenance package appointment must be scheduled on or before the anniversary of your last maintenance visit. 




  • $30 Monthly Payment

  • 5% Discount on Repairs & Parts

  • Discounted After-Hours Rate

  • We Handle the Scheduling!


Credit Card will be kept on file ran on a date selected by you. 

Requires an initial inspection and recommended repairs to be completed within the year or prior to next maintenance. 


9161 E Frontage Road
Palmer, AK 99645


Boiler Man Plumbing & Heating Boiler Guy.png


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